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The Blood of The Lamb = 217 (ALW Kabbalah) & 217 (KFW Kabbalah)

on 14 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Meme  Comments: 0


On September 11, 2001 the order of falling buildings was 2, 1 & 7. The sequence looks kind of like 217.

217 in Double Kabbalah. "Six Pointed Star" & "The Blood of The Lamb" both equal 217 (ALW Kabbalah) & 217 (KFW Kabbalah).

BONUS: "Steve Jackson Games" = 217 (ALW Kabbalah) & 217 (LCH Kabbalah)

But hey, who really gives a shit in this criminal Masonic Shithole of a country..., now here's a song to enjoy!

Given & Middle Name: Daniel Quine = 666 (Sumerian)..., wait for it...,

...wait for it...,

and BOOM THERE IT IS..., Given & Surname: Daniel Auerbach = 47 (Septenary)

An Akron Rock'n Roller Rh+ Masonic Winner!

or maybe before their big Akron Kosher break in the business...

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9/11 Exposed

on 14 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Documentary  Comments: 0


Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? After reviewing this documentary, and checking the evidence, I think the answer will be clear to you.


Special thanks to Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney, and Kevin Ryan for solving the crimes of 9/11 with their amazing research. This video is a compilation of evidence they have uncovered.

The events of September 11, 2001 have left lasting scars on the psyche of America and other countries around the world. It set in motion a global understanding of modern terrorism, and sparked an ongoing war that shows no signs of abating. The desire to come to terms with this cataclysmic moment in history has taken many forms over the years - from somber mourning to reignited patriotism to outright rage.

But, one vocal segment of the population is driven by skepticism; from the earliest aftermath of the towers' collapse, they've charged that a mass conspiracy is at play. The boldly titled 9/11 Conspiracy Solved is a representation of this viewpoint.

Based on years of collected research from investigators Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney and Kevin Ryan, the film contends that 9/11 was the ultimate inside job. They assert that the plane attacks were orchestrated to mask a $240 billion dollar covert operation which was largely set in motion many years earlier as a means of weakening the Soviet Union following the Cold War. This operation was funded by $10 million dollar securities which were to become due on September 12, 2001.

Throughout the course of the film, the audience is assaulted with a rapid-fire collection of sketchily detailed charges involving recovered hard drives, specific victims who were targeted in the towers, suspicious money transfers which occurred in the moments before the attacks, and the role that insurance giant AIG may have played in the proceedings.

9/11 Conspiracy Solved isn't conceived with the sophistication or pacing that an experienced filmmaker could bring to the material, and it seems to have no sense of how effectively information can be delivered and absorbed. It's essentially a lecture recited at a break-neck pace and set to a powerpoint presentation. Over the course of 43 minutes, the film's narrator outlines a dizzying series of connections and inconsistencies - some of which could have easily merited deeper exploration on their own - but the very nature of the production, coupled with a troubling lack of authentication for some of its more incendiary claims, undermine the film's efforts to provoke its audience at nearly every turn.

Four Years Has Passed..., What Fucking Swamp Did Donald McMasonicpuppet Drain?



 Elect  (Judeo-Masonic Select) a Clown, expect a Circus.

U.S. needs to BAN Freemasonry from the U.S. Military or needs to form a NON-MASONIC BRANCH to CLEAN THE SHIT OFF THE STREETS!

After the U.S. Military is CLEANED, the new NON-MASONIC MILITARY NEEDS TO CLEAN EVERY CITY, COAST TO COAST (EVERY MASONIC ZIP CODE aka: ANIMAL FARM)! County Governments are YOUR Synagogues & every Zip Code has a Micro Shakedown Synagogue called a Masonic Lodge. THIS CRIMINAL NETWORK CAN & WILL be Identified.

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Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil

on 14 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Presentation  Comments: 0

Gematria Advisory: Mark Passio is a Judeo-Masonic CODED Rh+ Born-To-Be Masonic Networked Soldier (Claims to be a former occultist).

Gematria of Given (First) & Surname (Last): Mark Passio = 33 (Septenary), 888 (Reverse Sumerian), 174 (Francis Bacon)

This is his presentation from September 24, 2015, Titled: The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine


This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Mark explains how Order-Followers in the Police and Military are members of a world-wide Cult that is destroying human freedom.

NOTE TO MR. PASSIO: It's NOT the cult destroying human freedom, but it's the CONTROL of the fraudulent money supply that is destroying morality. Order Givers and Order Followers WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their ACTIONS! BANK ON IT.


Who knows..., maybe Mark stop eating animal flesh and removed his parasites from his bloodstream. He may truly no longer be a Judeo-Masonic shitbag? No way to verify, other than his own words and actions based in time. We'll see...

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2020 U.S. Masonic Selection Election - Candidates..., How About NOBODY?

on 13 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Presentation  Comments: 0


When will the MASONIC SHIT SHOW END...? I guess when you've HAD ENOUGH.

Icahn is an anagram for China


The non-stop Judeo-Masonic shit show & head games. Icahn is an anagram for China, NOTE: An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. China imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods of a similar value. The tariffs accounted for 0.1% of the global gross domestic product. On July 10, 2018, U.S. released an initial list of the additional $200 billion of Chinese goods that would be subject to a 10% tariff. If you can't see what's going on you're pretty much doomed. All the products American's buy are normally imported from China, so American's will be the one PAYING the TARIFF increases coming or going..., BANK on that. Icahn was at the wheel when TWA was brought to it's knees, gutted and who was there to profit from the selling of of their assets? Carl Icahn, that's who. He also stocks all the China-Marts and smaller Family "Everytown" China-Dollar stores? Please..., WAKE-UP. Research the person who brought down TWA..., and how he systematically bankrupted TWA, research TWA around the time TWA flight 800 was shot down...

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Contrived Narrative: Judeo-Masonic Mass Shootings

on 13 Oct 2019  Posted by Administrator  Category: Presentation  Comments: 0


False Flag Judeo-Masonic Orchestrated Mass Shootings, is a Contrived Narrative to Confiscate Your Weapons, at which point YOU ARE Unable to Protect YOUR FAMILY against this Rothschild TYRANNY.

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