Coded Comedian Internet Drama (MKUltra Stuff Right Here!)

Owen reveals his Judeo-Masonic MKUltra programing and more!

Where in the world is Sven Computer? 
And what can we learn from a bat?

"Let's solve a mystery that Steven Crowder has been unable to solve. where is Sven computer? Also, is Steven Crowder bisexual? And why did I allow him to bedazzle me? while we are at it let's discuss the store "target" as well as how and why children are groomed and what we can do to stop it." ~ Owen Benjamin

Not sure what to make of Owen Benjamin? He's been speaking the truth on a lot of subjects, but doesn't bring up the Judeo-Masonic Network by name. His birth name is Owen Smith, and I assume he changed it to Owen  Benjamin for show business reasons. 

Owen's birth name
His parents are marked with gematria coding, his father is a 888 (as in Mormon) and mother;

Double cipher pairing 133
In this video he speaking of his Masonic MKUltra "grooming" but only speaks of the Jews. He had to change his name for the "47" coding for the spotlight on the comedy stage. He MUST know that..., Freemasonry is an international organization beholden to Jewry with the political goal of establishing Jewish domination through world-wide revolution.

 Now this is Owen on April 22, 2019...
Advice for Crowder & Response to Roseanne
Is Owen's contradicting himself...?
Starting to think he's just pushing Judeo-Masonic bullshit.


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