It's very sad living in a totally corrupt country surrounded by Rh+ gematria coded Masonic Apes. You satanic oath taking GMO humans need sterilized at birth or aborted. You're kiss-ass errand boys, sent by criminal grocery clerks, to collect a Masonic Monopoly Mafia shakedown bill. These sellouts can be found by looking at the subject's gematria coded birth name: GIVEN NAME + SURNAME that equal: 33, 39, 47, 74, 93 & more. (in Septenary, Chaldean, English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Satanic & others) and indicates born to be Masonic Soldiers having positive Rhesus Factor monkey antigen (protein) on their red blood cells.


France = 47 (English Ordinal): Worldwide Masonic Shit Show: Friday's Lyon, France Judeo-Masonic Explosion

Friday's Lyon, France Judeo-Masonic Explosion
Little Red Riding Hood of Pharaoh's Red House; 
Bad Wolf ate Youtube, but in fact Grandmother did it
Visit his channel at: Dr. Sean Hross

I remember Youtube 10 years ago, when there were no MSM at all; now the newspapers have completely taken again and entirely blocked free speech in the "Tube without You". Bad Wolf has eaten Youtube - or maybe it was the Grandmother. ~ Sean Hross


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