It's very sad living in a totally corrupt country surrounded by Rh+ gematria coded Masonic Apes. You satanic oath taking GMO humans need sterilized at birth or aborted. You're kiss-ass errand boys, sent by criminal grocery clerks, to collect a Masonic Monopoly Mafia shakedown bill. These sellouts can be found by looking at the subject's gematria coded birth name: GIVEN NAME + SURNAME that equal: 33, 39, 47, 74, 93 & more. (in Septenary, Chaldean, English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Satanic & others) and indicates born to be Masonic Soldiers having positive Rhesus Factor monkey antigen (protein) on their red blood cells.


The U.S. Military is INFESTED with Freemasons

U.S. Military INFESTED with Freemasons

Don't you thinks it's time to identify and arrest these treasonous traitors? Their immediate arrest and execution is mandatory for humanity to survive. These brain dead sellout puppet pawns are in the way of the righteous who want to terminate the satanic puppet masters and their spawn.


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