When you think of Area 51..., you think of Conspiracy = 51 (Full Reduction)? NOW LET'S LOOK AT GEMATRIA CIPHER PAIRING USING SEPTENARY & CHALDEAN..., AND WHAT DO WE FIND ?????: ----> United Kingdom = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), United Nations = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), George Orwell = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), Metatron's Cube = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), Austin Powers = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), Trump Towers = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean), Crippled America = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean) and Anti Masonic Party = 51 (Septenary) & = 51 (Chaldean) ||| July 30? Will the British Empire's U.S. PETRODOLLAR die on July 30, 2019, that day will be the 211th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. I'm sure this SATANIC OCCULT will have something big planned! ||| U.K.'S SATANIC JUDEO-MASONIC OTHER DATES TO BE AWARE OF: JULY 20, 2019 is the 211 day of the year. ||| AUGUST 11, 2019 is the 223 day of the year. ||| AUGUST 20, 2019 is the 232 day of the year. ||| NOVEMBER 18, 2019 is the 322 day of the year. Coding for November 18th is Operation London Bridge !!! ||| NOVEMBER 19, 2019 is the 323 day of the year. This is the day THE PEOPLE ENDS SLAVERY & OPPRESSION ||| NOTE: A DATE ALSO TO WATCH OUT FOR IS JULY 23, 2019 DUE TO THE FOLLOWING: The Scottish Rite = 723 (Satanic), Murder By Numbers = 723 (Satanic), Sacrifice to Satan = 723 (Satanic), Masonic Rituals = 723 (Jewish) & psychotic = 723 (Jewish). ||| Through her Virginia ancestry, Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants are related to George Washington (England's Fifth Column Shitbag), with Augustine Warner Jr. and his wife Mildred Reade having been their common ancestors. ||| British and Russian royal families = 444 (KFW Kabbalah) ||| If you have the Devil's Infection aka: Rhesus Factor Antigen = 223 (English Ordinal) you're in the British Empire's Judeo-Masonic MK-Ultra Program believe it or not! It is a man made virus. ||| There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. ||| YOU have a real "ISH" PROBLEM in this Masonic oppressed SLAVE STATE. It's very sad living in a totally corrupt country surrounded by Rh+ gematria coded Masonic Apes. You satanic oath taking GMO humans need sterilized at birth or aborted. You're kiss-ass errand boys, sent by criminal grocery clerks, to collect a Masonic Monopoly Mafia shakedown bill. These Masonic sellouts CAN and WILL BE FOUND by looking at the subject's gematria coded birth name: GIVEN NAME + SURNAME that equal: 33, 39, 47, 74, 93 & more. (in Septenary, Chaldean, English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Satanic & others) and indicates born to be Masonic Soldiers having positive Rhesus Factor monkey antigen (protein) on their red blood cells. ||| Run the gematria on ANYONE working for any government agency and just watch all the RETURN hits..., or run the names of people flying the United States flag at their homes (these are the ones FEEDING off this corrupt system). NOTE: Use ALL the gematria ciphers! ||| [TIP OF THE WEEK] LISTEN FOR MASONIC BROTHERS SPEAK USING THESE WORDS & PHRASES: Bro = 33 (Jewish Ordinal), What are the odds? = 147 (ALW & KFW Kabbalah), At any rate = 33 (Full Reduction) & If you will = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)



"The Hidden History of Las Vegas"

Published: July 16, 2019

 "The Hidden History of Las Vegas"

"The Hidden History of Las Vegas" is a short documentary intended for educational purposes. This video touches on the relationship between the LDS church and Sin City, the men who made Vegas what it is today, and the corporate takeover of the strip. Sources are always pinned as the top comment.


Rhesus Factor Negitive: The U.K.'s Judeo-Masonic Targets

Rhesus Factor Negative
The U.K.'s Judeo-Masonic Targets

At some point around 1930, this network of the Judeo-Masonic elite sociopaths wanted a complete society of enslaved worker bee drones that would not question their invisible enslavement. Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian biologist, physician, and immunologist in 1900 found out that the blood of two people under contact agglutinates, and in 1901 he found that this effect was due to contact of blood with blood serum. As a result, he succeeded in identifying the three blood groups A, B and O, which he labelled C, of human blood. 

Find yourself a copy of bullshit "The New York Times" dated October 31, 1930
Landsteiner was recruited by Simon Flexner of New York, to work for the Rockefeller Institute and started work there in the spring of 1923. Simon Flexner, was a physician, scientist, administrator, and professor of experimental pathology at the University of Pennsylvania. He served as the first director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and later developed as Rockefeller University. He was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, adviser and close friend to John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Originally Published: April 01, 2010

2018.03.23.A - U.K.'s Masonic Criminal Network Gang Stalking: Interview with Julianne McKinney, Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer

Masonic Criminal Network

Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking
an interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom

When you awaken and start whistle blowing, deep researching and uncovering dark secrets, or just existing they will want to control you and they like to do it by GANG STALKING. If you don´t know what this is PLEASE WATCH THIS INTERVIEW, it concerns what your government or private contractors are about to do to you and your family. They might even torture you by gang stalking you and then demand that you join them in gang stalking other citizens. This is diabolical, mean, heartless and totally illegal and immoral. This has got to be the last straw!

Are you seeking truth? Chances are that you have new neighbor(s) and they will be Judeo-Masonic shitbag(s) working with your local criminal syndicate like police, cable company employees and other local cabal players. Find out their full birth names, and 9 times out of 10 they have the Kabbalah coded numbers of the UNDERGROUND NETWORK in the Judeo-Masonic gang. These  Judeo-Masonic shitbag hillbillies can be identified quickly and easily, just do your homework.

Targeted Individuals, & Gang Stalking Crimes 
an interview with Julianne McKinney, former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer

This interview with Greg Szymanski Generally Describes the Gang Stalking Program against Targeted Individuals.

Ms. McKinney, in the interview, mentions that a Religious Organization is involved in these activities, but I have found out that it involves people embedded into many religious organizations / groups including Satanists / Luciferians / members of Secret Societies. It also explains the purchase of property and rental of property around the site of a targeted individual, as well as the recruitment of Criminal, Psychologically Deranged, and Controlled Family Members around Targeted Individuals.

I have found out that some of the individuals in these groups of Government Personnel and their Sponsored Criminals are not just involved in religious groups, to Project a False Spiritual Image to Others in the area, but are also involved in many different types of criminal covert - black operations besides burglaries, vandalism and other crimes against Targeted Individuals.

Other sources of information on the Gang Stalking Program and Variations Tailored to each Targeted Individual are available. (Lots of disinformation and disinfo agents, as well as Mind Controlled Individuals, also pervade the Targeted Individual Community to assist in discrediting it as well as Real Targeted Individuals.)

This interview, and other interviews, Expose the Fact that Law Enforcement, Attorneys and so-called Counseling / Medical / Health Care Professionals have aided in Discrediting, as well as spreading Disinformation about Targeted Individuals.

This interview also makes some good recommendations to help Targeted Individuals. I happen to believe that many people, like myself, are also politically targeted and victimized because they are single, isolated, live alone, &/or vulnerable for other reasons -- they are also know as "SOFT TARGETS".

The best thing you can do is publicize their criminal activities so others will be aware!
Don't ignore anything:


Knights Templar [Zachary K "FAKE NAME" Hubbard] Overlooks Boston Celtics Tremont Waters father's murder details

Zachary fa-K-e name Hubbard
Controlling The Narrative

Father of Tremont Waters 
found dead in suicided at 
West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis Bacon) hotel
Video by Gematria Effect News

Video Example of Controlled Opposition

VIDEO MARK - 4:32 - This is why Controlled Opposition ONLY uses BASE CIPHERS. ---------> West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis Bacon).
Base Ciphers are great for Masonic Bible Prophecy time wasting jugging act, fake news decode STORY TIME...

NOTE: The Police didn't release the song Murder By Numbers in 1983..., The British Empire did.


Fixing The World's Problem IS THIS SIMPLE! - Write it Down!! - BANK = 322 On It!!!

Fixing The World's Problem IS THIS SIMPLE!
Write it Down!!
BANK = 322..., On It!!!
  • This is the ONLY solution.


The Higher You Are Up The Criminal Pyramid..., The Longer You Live

No Afterlife = 322 (Jewish)
No Afterlife & God of Israel 15 Gematria Cipher Match
Again, Israel is just Rothschild stolen land to be used for the British (Satanic-Masonic) Empire Headquarters  
Serfs get euthanized after retirement and or around age 65

Mentmore Towers

Mentmore Towers = 666 (Primes)
 This English country house was built between 1852 and 1854 for Mayer de Rothschild

Warner Bros. Pictures = 322 (Francis Bacon)
The July 16, 1999 Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

The house has appeared in many films, including Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985), Slipstream (1989), Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Philip Kaufman's Marquis de Sade biographical film Quills (2000), The Mummy Returns (2001), Ali G Indahouse (2002) as the Prime Minister's residence Chequers, Johnny English (2003), and Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins (2005), where it was used as the Gothic Wayne Manor.

Scottish Rite Freemasons = 322 (ALW Kabbalah)..., Do YOU SEE the PROBLEM YET? Brit-ISH, Scott-ISH, Am-ISH, Jew-ISH..., Get-ISH?!
Roxy Music Avalon music video released June 1982

In 1982 director Howard Guard filmed the Roxy Music video to "Avalon", starring Sophie Ward, at the house. It also served as the filming location of Enya's Dan Nathan-directed "Only If ..." (1997), the Five Max and Dania-directed "Until the Time Is Through", and the Spice Girls Howard Greenhalgh-directed "Goodbye" (1998) music videos. It was also featured as the location of the rave party in the Inspector Morse episode "Cherubim and Seraphim".

The British Empire's 
Judeo-Masonic Global Criminal Network is the New World Order

Israel is just a Rothschild NOISE DETRACTION..., stolen land to be used for this Judeo-Masonic Criminal Headquarters  
For more information on what's going on watch the Austin Powers series, the original Plant of The Apes & They Live...
Their criminal network reaches into your BACKYARD! Zip Codes are Animal Masonic Shakedown Farms!


The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know

Originally Published July 05, 2019

The Secrets of Silicon Valley:
What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know
a documentary by James Corbett
Visits his website at:

Once a sleepy farming region, Silicon Valley is now the hub of a global industry that is transforming the economy, shaping our political discourse, and changing the very nature of our society. So what happened? How did this remarkable change take place? Why is this area the epicenter of this transformation? Discover the dark secrets behind the real history of Silicon Valley and the Big Tech giants in this important edition of The Corbett Report.
  • This videos sources & transcript: >> HERE


Eustace Mullins: The Curse of Canaan (2005 Interview)

The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins (1987) 1st Edition Hardcover Book
Eustace Mullins: The Curse of Canaan
TheRapeOfJustice Published on Dec 27, 2011

Eustace Mullins with Rick Adams in Uncensored Radio Free America, RBN Live, December 8, 2005

Originally Published: July 04, 2017


Northamptonshire, England = 322 (Francis Bacon): This is Romeo Foxtrot. Shall We Dance?

Scottish Rite Freemasons = 322 (ALW Kabbalah)
The two horizontal stripes in the Washington, D.C. flag...,
are the same two crossed strips in England's flag.
Lawrence Washington's Family Crest was presented by Queen Elizabeth I (House of Tudor)
Northamptonshire, England..., This is Romeo Foxtrot. Shall We Dance?
Northamptonshire, England = 322 (Francis Bacon)
Northamptonshire = 223 (ALW Kabbalah) 223 (KFW Kabbalah)

What We Weren't Taught About 
Washington, D.C.

Israel is just NOISE, a Rothschild Masonic Criminal Stolen Land..., nothing more!

Americans MUST watch! 
The Suppressed History of the United States

by reallygraceful

It's all in the lyrics...
 The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

Originally Published: 6/14/19, 2:14 AM

What is Israel? (Answer: Noise Distraction) Who's to blame, the creation or Dr. Frankenstein?

Israel is just NOISE!

One Family To Rule Them All?

Published on June 18, 2017

The Hidden Hand of the Rothschild Family
Published on September 14, 2016

The Rothschild family is a wealthy family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s. The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. It read: 

"His Majesty's government view with favors the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country." 

The text of the letter was published in the press one week later, on 9 November 1917. The "Balfour Declaration" was later incorporated into both the Sèvres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire, and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library.

Shall I draw you a map too?
Scottish Rite Freemasons = 322 (ALW Kabbalah)
  Judaism = 322 (Satanic) 

End the Federal Reserve System 

Federal Reserve System = 322 (Francis Bacon)
Every ZIP CODE (aka: Animal Farms) is part of the Masonic Shakedown Grid.
It is TIME to IDENTIFY these criminal pieces of shit!

Originally Published: 5/31/19, 11:50 PM

9/11 Refresher Course for a Nation of Criminals & Retards

This is the British Empire and England's Criminal Freemasonry Network
What DON'T you understand...?
Scottish Rite Freemasons = 322 (ALW Kabbalah)
Judaism = 322 (Satanic)
Warner Bros. Pictures = 322 (Francis Bacon)
British Empire's Judaism & Global Criminal Masonic Network

Why the Federal Reserve Building changed it's NAME to the Eccles Building in 1982

 Beckoning Frontiers: 
Public and Personal Recollections 
(Hardcover ) – January 1, 1951 by Marriner S. Eccles
Spend the extra cash for 1st edition book..., for reasons you should already know
On October 15, 1982, by an Act of Congress the Federal Reserve Building was renamed Eccles Building for Marriner S. Eccles durning the U.S. Puppet-i-dent Ronald Reagan's watch.
Marriner Stoddard Eccles (September 9, 1890 – December 18, 1977) was an American banker, economist, and member and chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Eccles retired to Utah in 1951 to run his companies and write his memoirs, titled Beckoning Frontiers: Public and Personal Recollections. He further consolidated industrial and family assets, finally organizing a series of foundations representing assets that he had managed for various family members. These foundations have served Utah and the Intermountain West in support of educational, artistic, humanitarian, and scientific activities. He died in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1977 and was entombed in the Larkin Sunset Lawn Mausoleum.

Eccles was known during his lifetime chiefly as having been the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He has been remembered for having anticipated and supporting the theories of John Maynard Keynes relative to "inadequate aggregate spending" in the economy which appeared during his tenure. As Eccles wrote in his memoir Beckoning Frontiers (1951):
As mass production has to be accompanied by mass consumption, mass consumption, in turn, implies a distribution of wealth ... to provide men with buying power. ... Instead of achieving that kind of distribution, a giant suction pump had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth. ... The other fellows could stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped.
Marriner S. Eccles..., Rest in Peace You Masonic Criminal Shitbag!
 1982 is NOT to be confused by the 1971 Nixon Shock that SOLD the wealth of the WORLD.

NOTE: 1982 is the SAME YEAR that British Empire had VP George H.W. Bush REMOVE all COPPER from U.S. pennies and coinage. In mid-1982, the coin's composition was changed again, this time to copper-plated zinc. The last mostly-copper cents (95% copper metal composition) were produced by the Denver Mint on October 22, 1982. The copper-plated zinc cent coins are still being produced today.